Monday, 7 March 2011

characterisation through costuming example: Spun

Spun is a fantastic example of styling in a movie where the clothing really helps in defining the character. Each character has their own personal style that is instantly obvious and gives the viewer a strong sense of that characters personality from the begining.
After years of only being able to find very little about the costume designer known simply as 'B.' (B Ã…kerlund wife of the brilliant Jonas) there is now a website showcasing B.'s work as stylist and costume designer. Prepare to be limegreenjello of her impressive resume.

shoulder piece (in progress)

leather & feathers shoulder piece for 4 characters project (in progress) also have sword feathers and mallard feathers to add, but am going to London tomorrow STRESS might need to buy some fabric there also....trying to find out from friends where are the best places